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Import, Export and Trading with our retail brands: Geko, Chef’s Quality, Countre Dairy, The English Cheese Co. and Garden Fresh

Mars Foods Global can offer a broad range of frozen food and dairy products under its own private retail brands:

Geko, Chef’s Quality, Countre Dairy, The English Cheese Co. and Garden Fresh.

We are selling these brands worldwide.

We have the brands; you have the local knowledge.

We are looking for partners who can build our brands in the food market. Let us work to bring these together to make a real impact in your marketplace. With our innovative marketing support and product knowledge, we can help to strengthen your company’s prominence in your market.

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Geko frozen food products

The brand Geko is renowned for its quality frozen food product portfolio. Geko offers a large variety of frozen meat products (such as chicken and pork cuts), fish & seafood, spring rolls, and French fries.

More about Geko


Chef’s Quality

Chef's Quality

Another private brand of Mars Foods Global called Chef’s Quality. To this brands belongs a full range of frozen food: French fries, pork and fish & seafood products. Chef’s Quality is an exclusive label in the high valued frozen food market which is sold worldwide.

More about Chef’s Quality


Countre Dairy

Countre Dairy

Countre label covers a wide range of flavored milk drinks which are available in six tastes. In additional sterilized milk belong to this Countre brand. Full cream quality and the ease of using a re-sealable bottle are unique selling points of this range.

More about Countre Dairy


The English Cheese Co.

cheddar cheese

The English Cheese Co. is the exclusive label of the unique authentic British cheddar cheese specially created for the South America market including the Caribbean Islands.

Garden Fresh

Garden Fresh frozen vegetables

Garden Fresh is the well established brand of our extensive frozen vegetables range, we source these products from around Europe throughout the year ensuring the freshest crops for our production. Garden Fresh equals quality and it is specifically designed for foodservice.


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